Awamori Liquor

With a history of over 600 years,

awamori is the fruit of Okinawan traditional culture.

Kumejima’s Kumesen carries forward that tradition on the major island of the Ryukyu Archipelago.

Awamori, a fine, clear, distilled, grain alcohol, is made at Kumejima’s  Kumesen distillery the same way it always has been.

Kumejima’s Kumesen distills and ages its awamori on Kumejima*, a beautiful paradise lazing in the East Chine sea. Kumejima is famous for its sweet spring water, which is used to make our unique and prized awamori.

Kumejima’s Kumesen awamori represents the finest brewer’s traditions and skills, with an unmatched craftmanship developed over the centuries It is produced to this day with a culture steeped in respect for fine liquors.

*”-jima” means island. Kumejima is Japanese for Kume Island.